Passion Piranhas

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Let’s talk about guarding. Here are some of the big passion piranhas that we need to guard against. Time and again the things on this list swim out there and suck the life out of us as we are robbed of all passion:

  • Prolonged discouragement
  • Opposition to your vision
  • Workaholism
  • Lack of real vacation
  • Working way outside of your gifting
  • Working with people you don’t care to work with
  • Unrealistic expectations of others
  • Unrealistic expectations of yourself
  • Unending marriage problems in the leader’s marriage
  • Constant financial pressure
  • A pattern of failure in leadership
  • Dysfunctional people pulling you down
  • Unhealthy leadership team
  • Lack of a leadership team to share the load
  • Constant unresolved staff conflict
  • Lack of respect for your leaders above you
  • Hidden moral failure
  • Neglect of your relationship with God

Here is a good exercise to do right now. Print this page.  Now go down with a highlighter and mark off every item that is true in your situation. I won’t give you a scale, but if there are more than a few of these eating away at your heart you can see why you struggle in your leadership. It might just be that you will find the explanation of how you got to where you are.  With five or more of these eating away at your heart, you do have a problem that needs some help.

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