FolderBar: A new approach to more than 5 Tabs in a UITabBar

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You may already came across the Apple tab limitation for the UITabBarController: You are only allowed to have a maximum of 5 tabs in a UITabBar.

UITabBar More Items UITabBar More Items Active

If you got more than these five items, an inconvenient and ugly moreNavigationController takes over and ruins your whole ui experience by it’s unnatural and complex user interface.



Well, you may argue if you got that much tabs you should rethink the navigation structure of your app – or the app as a whole. A lot of times this is true, but there are also a few total valid use cases.

In those valid cases, you had to circumvent the „More-Problem“ by using the well-known hamburger menu. This approach is far from ideal and there is a huge discussion going on. Simply have a brief look around and you’ll find a lot of resources (for example this one).

Long story short: I’ve decided to went down a new path.

FolderBar More Items FolderBar More Items Active

The idea is simple:

We just want the UITabBar to behave like any iOS Folder.

That was the birth of the all new and shiny FolderBar.



  1. The FolderBar can be opened if there are more than 5 items by tapping the open handle which is automagically added – or you can simply use a swipe gesture
  2. All items can be rearranged with drag & drop
  3. 1&2 together provide a simple, self explanatory and fully customizable quick access for the user – because the four upper items are never hidden

If you’re interested in integrating FolderBar in your project, simply drop me a line:


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Nathan Martins Barreto · 11. Juli, 2018 um 20:53

Is this code on github?

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