Cloudron: Migrate app to different instance

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Migrating apps from one Cloudron to another works by first creating a new backup of the app on the old Cloudron, copying the backup tarball onto the new Clodron’s backup storage and then installing a new app, based on the backup on the new Cloudron.


The following steps will migrate an app

#1 Create a backup on the old Cloudron

$: cloudron login
$: cloudron list
$: cloudron backup create --app <appid>
$: cloudron logout

#2 Copy the new backup from the old Cloudron’s backup storage to the new one

It depends on your backup solution where your newly created backup is stored.
Use the same path for the new Cloudron correspondingly.

#3 Then login to the new Cloudron and install the new app based on the created backup

$: cloudron login
$: cloudron install --appstore-id=org.wordpress.cloudronapp --backup .../...tar.gz
$: cloudron logout


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