Marco Betschart

FolderBar: A new approach to more than 5 Tabs in a UITabBar

You may already came across the Apple tab limitation for the UITabBarController: You are only allowed to have a maximum of 5 tabs in a UITabBar. If you got more than these five items, an inconvenient and ugly moreNavigationController takes over and ruins your whole ui experience by it’s unnatural and complex user interface.     Well, you …

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CouchbaseLite – Module maps

As convenient as the bridging header is, it has one key limitation—you can’t use it inside a framework project.  The alternative is to use a module. This can be problematic when using Couchbase Lite for iOS for example. To do this, create a directory in your project directory named CouchbaseLite. Inside the directory, create a file that encapsulates …

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Overview XCTAssert XCTAssertEqual XCTAssertEqualObjects XCTAssertEqualWithAccuracy XCTAssertFalse XCTAssertNotEqual XCTAssertNotEqualObjects XCTAssertNotEqualWithAccuracy XCTAssertNoThrow XCTAssertNoThrowSpecific XCTAssertNoThrowSpecificNamed XCTAssertNotNil XCTAssertThrows XCTAssertThrowsSpecific XCTAssertThrowsSpecificNamed XCTAssertTrue XCTFail Detail XCTAssert(expression, format…) Generates a failure when expression evaluates to false.   XCTAssertEqual(a1, a2, format…) Generates a failure when a1 is not equal to a2. This test is for C scalars, structs and unions.   XCTAssertEqualObjects(a1, a2, …

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